dancing even you’re not the one who invited

don’t you know how life’s work?
don’t you know how meaningful life it is?
don’t you know that life is more than just black and white?
don’t you know there are a million colors from life that you can paint?
don’t you know that? because I’m not…
what I know about life is just
something sucks
something bored
something happen for once
something silly
something stupid 
but you have no choice
like or not
that is life
the only part you can chose is
face it or pass it
Until one day,
I know
I realize
there is not only in a real school
we can get a valuable knowledge,
but here,
in a real life
we can learn, directly from the best ever teacher in the world, that is life
like the quotes from anonymous 

Life may not be the party we hoped for,

but while we’re here, we should dance..

yeah… let’s dance
even you are not the one who invited
this is a life
you have a right to do anything
you have a right to dance any step that you like
life is a free party ever
don’t be care to who invited who
just get in
enjoy the party
and move your body to dance

today, I’m still learning
in a life’s school
I’ve to pass an exam
where they put me into a case that I’ve to solved out
yeah… I’m in an exam now
even I don’t know when exactly it’ll end up
what I know is just to do my best
even sometimes I feel sucks
even sometimes I feel bored
even sometimes I feel wanna give up
then I try to remind my self
I’m too far to give up
there is still a long road to walk 
there are still a lot of place to visit
there are still a bunch have fun things to do
ya… I’m still doing my exam
it’s hard, I know
it’s fuck, sometimes
but hey… it’s life
something special is always waiting for us after we pass the exam
yaa.. it’s life
something unpredictable is always fill in the day

yaa.. this is a life
and it’s not just about black and white
it should be colorfull

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