letter to dad

dear my beloved dad 
–  the best ever dad in the world –

Maybe I couldn’t remember the first time you saw me
Maybe I couldn’t remember the first thing that you did to me
Ya.. I even couldn’t remember the first word that I said to you
And I sure, we have the same problem, right dad?’

What I know from my childhood
It was so much fun in that time
They, the people around us, said you were really gave a lot of things to me
even actually I didn’t need it

You gave me a doll when I even didn’t know what is that
You gave me a toy when I even didn’t know how to use it
You gave me a little cute dress when what I did just play with the mud

Dad, You’re my role mode

Dad, You’re my most inspiring person in my whole life
Dad, You’re the only man who can take the King position in my little kingdom
Dad, You’re the one who always be my hero

Now, your big hand didn’t hold my my little finger anymore
Now, I’m not a little baby who always walk beside you
Now, I’m not a cute daughter who always do what you ask
But, no matter my condition now… I DO LOVE YOU, DAD…

Today, I write this letter
not to tell you how much I love you
or not to find out how much you love me
because I know, we love each other…
Today, I write this letter
to convince you that
I’m still your little princess
even not the submissive one…
I’m still your daughter
who need you to show me the truth when I got the false one
I’m still the one who love you
even sometimes your anger made me feel so sad

Dad, in this month
God gave us a task
a big task to do
between you and I
a big task to solved out
a big task that test our togetherness
maybe this is the time we need to separate for a while
maybe this is the time we need to give a rest to ourselves
maybe this is the time need to be alone, stand in our own side
maybe this is the time we need to do something by ourselves, 
you do yours and so do I
This is the letter that I never send to you
because I know, sooner our big task from God will done,
and I’m sure, before you read this letter,
we already in a higher grade
to pass another bigger task

Dad, One thing that you should remember
From the one who always love you,

Your Little Princess

P.S. : I never angry to you, dad

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