this is not a given up, this is a sign to be peace with our own self

last nite is the 3rd nite I far away from dad,
let’s say, my escape… ouch.. it’s sound that I’m a little rebel girl…
then, surprise me..
dad came and talk to me…
of course with his egoistic as a dad, as usual dad in the world, hehehe
but, *underline this* I do love him..
you know what I mean with ‘egoistic dad’ character?
it’s a kind like someone older ( re : parents ) who actually need us, but they use a discredit way to pretend that they didn’t need us – oh, I hope you can understand what I mean to , it’s a complicated to describe, hehehe –

he told me to choose, back to home or stay in grandma’s house
as a brilliant human who use brain more than heart waw… finally I choose to back to home (of course ), why :
  1. My financial is getting worse since I runaway from home, wkwkw.. come on, we all need money, rite?
  2. If I still stay in grandma’s, it means I couldn’t work like before, because as a escaper ( re : someone who escape from ), I have to stay in grandma’s all the time, beside go to college of course
  3. Even dad discredit me in so many times, I feel so guilty leave him with all the things that he must do by him self
  4. I am the oldest kid in my family, I’ve to be responsible, I’ve to be a leader to my sister and brother, and  a good leader must be brave to face any problem ouch… 
  5. I miss dad and I love him (how many times I said this? oh forget it…)

But I ask to stay one more nite in grandma’s
and today, this noon, I’ll going home…
back to the daily sucks activity (but, hey… I miss it, damn!)
back to the no more holiday even sunday
and of course…
back to work which is means, hey… money… I’m back… lol
ya… I’ll going home
to the place I belong to
to the place, no matter how sucks it is, but there I am to be
to the place that I miss all the time…
ya… I’ll going home
I’ll going back to you, dad..

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