No Longer a Scholar

It’s been a while since my very latest post I guess. You know, life happened, shit happened, lots of things happened.

A little update about me and my life, even though (maybe) none of you interested enough to know, lol. I finished my dissertation, my 37.502 words (always bragging about it), done my viva (ujian meja), moved from Coventry (always sad every time I remember this, especially my super comfy room) to Birmingham, gonna stay in the UK till early February while most of friends went back home, no more stipend (re: money) from Chevening, still looking a or two or more jobs to fund my life here, got upset because some bad news, but overall I am still alive and survived!

Anyway, I am thinking to be more active in blogging (and vlogging? hmm maybe not now), so I’ll try my best to write anything at least one or two every week, any random thing. Because as Jan Karon said “Writing is a way of processing our lives and it can be a way of healing”.







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