How Are You?



“How are you?”

My life is so fucked up, full of shits, no one there when I needed them the most, I worked fucking hard to pay my bills. 

“I am fine, how about you?”

My partner left me yesterday, she said she couldn’t handle me anymore, she said I need someone better than her. Fuck her! she’s the only one that I need and she’s gone.

“Am alright”

‘How are you?’ is a simple question with a not so simple answer. You can tell your real issue when someone ask you but most of us choose not to. Why? Because sometimes it is easier to pretend that we are fine, instead of telling them the whole situation we are dealing with.

“So, how are you?”

I’ve been asked this question lately and yes it is easier for me to answer “I am okay” or “Trying to be fine” rather than explain the whole truth to those who asked. But, sometimes when the “right” person such as my closest friends or those who I knew and dealing with a difficult issue as me, I would tell the truth. Sharing the pains sometimes help you to feel a little bit better.

I believe none of us is really okay with our life now. Bills, debts, relationship, work, and any other issues are our “friends” in life. No matter how hard you try to run away from them they always find a way to get back to you. So, back to that three simple words “How are you?”, the real answer is not as simple as “I am fine”, I guess.



So, how are you?






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  1. edacitra says: Reply

    i’m also not fine, dear. but life must goes on, old saying says. hufff

    1. *hug* :*

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