12 Reasons Why I Love New York City


Who doesn’t?

It’s New York City, a place that everyone sees in lots of movies. It all started with a dream. My dream to see and visit the Central Park, a dream to standing in the crowd of Times Square, a dream to walk on Brooklyn Bridge, a dream to ride a subway, a dream just to blend with people from all over the world in 5th Avenue. It all started with a dream, years ago. Until one day in February 2018, I made those dreams came true. The moment I step on at JFK Airport, that was the moment I felt so relieved, like two old best friends who finally meet again after separated for years.

Even it was only for a week, my feeling towards New York City was a love at the first sight, so please allow me to share several reasons why I love New York City that much in 12 photos that I captured during my visit.

1. The Hustle and Bustle



2. The Melting Pot

Reasons Why I Love NYC3. The Skyline

Reasons Why I Love NYC

4. Times Square

Reasons Why I Love NYC5. Dumbo

Reasons Why I Love NYC

6. Brooklyn Bridge

Untitled7. The Freedom To Be With Yourself

Reasons Why I Love NYC

8. Pedestrian Friendly

Reasons Why I Love NYC9. The Food

Reasons Why I Love NYC10. No One Will Judge

Reasons Why I Love NYC11. The Broadway

Reasons Why I Love NYC

12. Because It Is New York




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