Me vs Jakarta: Bored to Death

It’s been 4 months and (probably) 4 days since I moved to Jakarta. I haven’t been to anywhere, except my office, some shopping centres, few restaurants/cafes, and once to the national library. Jakarta has so many things to offer yet I am so lazy to take any of them. Doing routines from morning to afternoon, while still struggling to manage some businesses and side jobs, most of the time I prefer to just staying in my flat (well, technically it’s not a flat, but a rented room in so-called shared-house).

Today, for the first time I feel bored to death. I tried to watch some movies, but I stopped. I tried to finish some of my business application yet brain seems to be blocked and couldn’t think clear enough to answer a simple question that I already knew the answer. I am assuming this whole messy situation probably because I got my period, but turned out that wasn’t the reason.  It just the boredom that hit me hard today, really hard.

Actually, I was about to join a very cool activity this afternoon until I realized that the next couple meetings will be held every Saturday and I won’t have many Saturdays left for the next couple months due to the business trips agenda, so I bailed out.  I wanted to go out but the only places in my mind are shopping centres, so I passed. I even wanted to do laundry when I realised I have no dirty laundry. I managed to do some business related about Tenoon, but only for less than an hour then again I am blank.

I cooked, I ate while watching “Love, Simon”, and tried to get back to my business application, yet still completely blank. So, I decided to write about it and here I am. Typing whatever words or sentences I can think of, so please forgive my messy writing, I am a total mess today. Even a Korean drama couldn’t save me from this boredom.

I tried to ask some recommendation about what to do in Jakarta on my Instastory, thanks to those who gave some insights or suggestions. Well, we’ll see how am I gonna survive Sunday, hope this boredom won’t last any longer.

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  1. Bahru Sandi says: Reply

    Coba kak.. beli tiket busway Rp 3500.. (keliling dr ujung ke ujung misal pinang ranti ke mana tuh tau). #Saya juga dr daerah so ga hapal. sambil dgr musik n sambil baca novel but jgn trlalu fokus sesekali liat pemandangan jalan raya.. syp tau bs bunuh penatnya.. murah pula. Hehe wlopun tentu ga seindah pemandangan waktu di NY or diluar sana

    1. thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. It’s always about the way we treat ourselves. Sometimes people find their happiness in the worst situation…

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