Pratiwi Hamdhana AM is here, born in 22nd March 1992 as an Arians. Raised and spent most of her time in Makassar – South Sulawesi, her hometown, till finished high school.

Since she was a kid, she’s already passionate in entrepreneur-thing, that made her built her own business in 2009 while she studying as a freshman in Hasanuddin University.

Then, a finding-her 7 years crush-mission had brought her into a short journey to Malaysia-Singapore-Thailand, her first journey abroad, in 2010. Everything changed after that trip. She found a new love, a new addiction, wandering around the world. Since that day, she decided to travel a lot, explore as many places as she can, learn new things, meet new people-friends, taking more risks in life, enjoying life more.

There is no certain path in her life for now, she’s trying everything, from manage her family-owned company, built her own business, traveling in group, traveling alone, spent almost a year in Australia as a Working and Holiday Visa holder, and now she’s a teacher in remote area in West Papua ( working as a Pengajar Muda of Indonesia Mengajar ).

She loves to tell stories -any kind of stories- to everyone, she loves to encourage people, especially her friends, to travel-to see the world, she loves to share her moment, that’s why she made this blog, to share to all of you.

If you want to know her more, you are welcome to communicate with her through email at pratiwihamdhana@gmail.com, or we can talk easier on twitter and instagram ( @pratiwiham ).